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Photo Classes


Digital Photography 101

Digital Photography 102



Digital Photography 101


Digital Photography 101

8 weeks, Mondays

Mondays, Oct. 1 thru Dec. 10th (excluding Oct. 8th-Thanksgiving & Oct. 22nd-Room unavailable)

Hours: 6:45pm to 8:45pm  


A beginner's look at how to make great photographs utilizing the modern digital camera. Learn how to go beyond "point & shoot" and use the camera controls to get the photos you want. Understand exposure, how to control "depth-of-field" with aperture, controlling motion with shutter speed, lenses & focal length, composition, white balance, how to use flash and a final photo critique.


Handout material will be provided to summarize each class. 

Cost: $198.00 plus HST




Week 1 Image Resolution, ISO, File Types & Getting a Sharp Image.

How image resolution, print size and file types, affect the image quality.

  • Mega pixels and what does it mean
  • How ISO affect image quality
  • How file formats affect image quality


Week 2 Understanding Exposure.

How to interpret what the camera meter sees effectively.

  • Getting the correct exposure
  • Exposure compensation
  • Using the Histogram


Week 3 Using the Aperture and Shutter.

How Aperture and Shutter speed affects the photograph.

  • Using depth of field
  • Using selective focus
  • How shutter speeds affect the image


Week 4 Lenses & Focal Length.

Zoom lenses & focal length and how they affect what the camera sees.

  • Wide-angle lenses
  • Telephoto lenses
  • Perspective and how to use it


Week 5 Composition.

How to arrange the elements in your pictures to best effect.

  • The rule of "thirds"
  • Image balance
  • Using negative space


Week 6 How White Balance works and when to change it.

  • Colour temperature
  • Using white balance properly
  • Custom white balance


Week 7 When to use flash and how to utilize effective fill flash.

  • How flash works
  • Light fall-off
  • Using fill flash


Week 8 Photo Evaluation

A review of student images and class discussion.


Please Contact us  to book your place in this very popular course!