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Holiday Memory Safety


Things you just might want to know...


Have you ever been on holiday somewhere and suddenly found that your shiny new digital camera is refusing to work as expected? I'm sure that some choice words may have been spoken that need not be repeated here. How would it be if I told you that you could protect most of your holiday pictures with a simple trick.


With any electronic device you always run the risk of the equipment failing when you least expect it. A very common cause of digital cameras refusing to work is a failed memory card. One of the simplest solutions is to make certain that when you travel, you carry at least two memory cards. Sounds simple but there is a further trick. When you start on your holiday, label one card with a marker as number 1 and the other as number 2. On the first day of your holiday use card number 1 and store card number 2 away from your camera. It might even be a good idea to leave card number 2 in your suitcase back at the hotel or some other safe place. On the second day put card number 1 away and use card number 2. On the third day go back to card number 1. Keep switching cards every day and you will end up spreading the pictures from your entire holiday across both cards. In this way if something unforseen happens to your camera or your memory card you will have at least half of your pictures from the entire time instead of only the first or last half of your trip. The important thing to remember is that you want to make certain that you don't simply keep the extra memory card in your camera's carrying case. You want it to be stored away somewhere else that is safe.


Using this method will safeguard at least some of your precious memories against theft, electronic malfunction, water damage or other nasties. It is well worth the cost of a second card, even if you don't plan on filling them both up.


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