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Return Policy


Burlington Camera Inc.


Return Policy

We do our best to make certain that the product you are purchasing is the correct one by taking the time to ask you questions about your needs and wants. However, there is always the possibility of extenuating circumstances with regard to any purchase, we don't want to see you stuck with something you can't use. Please understand that we do not loan our stock out. If you wish to rent a piece of equipment, please let us know.


So, with that in mind, we have a few rules about returns.


1) Burlington Camera reserves the right to refuse any return or refund at the discretion of the management.


2) The following products will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.


a. Special orders

b. Film, paper and chemistry

c. Open software

d. Open ink jet cartridges

e. Open batteries


3) All product considered for return must be accompanied by the original sales receipt within 7 days of the date of purchase. Returns made beyond this date will be accepted at Burlington Camera Inc's discretion and will be subject to a restocking fee or price adjustment based on the current pricing and availability of the product. All credit card purchases will have a mandatory 5% added to the restocking fee (see item 6). Store credit will be given for all returns made beyond 7 days from the original purchase. Maximum time limit for product return is 14 days. After this time the product will be considered for trade-in as a used product regardless of condition.


4) Product must be returned in new and unused condition. (The same way you would like to buy it in the first place because you know that we are not just going to throw it out!). Digital cameras must not be initialized or the batteries charged. The suitability of this condition will be determined solely by Burlington Camera Inc. and we reserve the right to refuse the return if the product condition does not meet our standards. Products will be carefully inspected upon return so please be prepared to wait.


5) If the product is not in new condition, there will be a minimum restocking fee of 15% because the product will have to be resold as used. We reserve the right to increase this restocking fee or refuse the return altogether based on the condition and resale value of the product returned.


6) Products purchased using any credit card will be charged a minimum of 5 percent of the final total including taxes. This is due to the fact that all credit card processors keep a percentage of every sale made by a merchant and do not return that percentage when a product is returned.


7) Burlington Camera reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time without notice. Please check back here before considering a return.