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Product Specifications

Jobu Design  MCF-284 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Monopod  

Main specs

Kind:  nature, Portable, outdoor, Monopod

Height Range (Incl. Max. Column Height):  50.5 - n/a - 163.5

Brand:  Jobu Design

Jobu Design-MCF-284 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Monopod-Tripods & Monopods


Height Range (Incl. Max. Column Height)

50.5 - n/a - 163.5

Folded Length (cm)


Weight (kg)

0.737 kg

Load Capacity (kg)



8x Carbon Fiber Tubes

Leg Lock Type

Not Specified

Foot Type

Not Available

Leg Sections


Independent Leg Spread

Not Specified

Center Column Mechanism

Not Available

Available Colors


Additional Features

Bundle your Jobu Jr.2 or LW2/HD2 head with this gimbal for freedom of movement, lightweight packing and dramatically improved stability over hand-held shots

Your camera's optical image stabilization will improve dramatically as well

Pan and tilt your lens in your gimbal and void needing to tilt the whole monopod forward or backward to shoot up or down

Your gimbal will allow perfect friction free tilt movement - in a calss of its own compared to old-school full-friction monopod-tilt heads - these old designs are NOT meant for smooth movement at all

Small Footprint. The low weight and single contact point allow your monopod to take up nearly no room next to your fellow photographers in the bush, or fellow spectators in the bleachers (yes, they are GREAT for your kids soccer, baseball, and gymnastics events!)

Absolutely useful for video cameras, point and shoots and landscape photography as well!!


allen keys, Wrench, belt loop, Wrist Strap, monopod bag

Number of Legs



Included Head


Interchangeable Heads


Panning / Tilting

Not Available