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Digital Photography 101

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Digital Photography 101 - 6 weeks - NOW ONLINE VIA Zoom

Mondays - Fall courses in person (hopefully) - stay tuned!

Hours:  7:00pm- 9:00pm

A beginner's look at how to make great photographs utilizing the modern digital camera. Each week learn the basic fundamentals of how to go beyond "point & shoot" and understand the use of the camera controls to get the photos you want. Understand exposure, how to control "depth-of-field" with aperture, controlling motion with shutter speeds, what lenses & focal lengths are best, composing your photograph, white balance, how to use flash and finish with a final photo critique. Classes are held via "Zoom" meetings with the same interaction as our in-person classes.

Handout material will be provided to summarize each class.

Cost: $150.00 plus HST

Week 1 - Pixels, ISO, File Types & getting a sharp image

How sensor resolution, print size and file types, effects the image quality.

Pixels, ISO, File Types & getting a sharp image

Week 3 - Using the Aperture and Shutter

How Aperture and Shutter speed affects the photograph.

Using the Aperture and Shutter

Week 4 - Composition

How to arrange the elements in your pictures to best effect.


Week 6 - Using Flash

Understanding how flash works and when to use it.

Using Flash

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