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Photoshop Full Version - 6 Weeks - COURSE ON HOLD

Thursdays - Not available till further notice.

Hours: 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Learn the techniques to improve and enhance your photographs and bring out their best using the program Photoshop Full Version. From basic corrections to more complex changes discover how to bring out the hidden potential of your photos where the camera original image is only the starting point. Learn how to organize your images and understand the program workspace, image resolution, image size & cropping, making selections, density & colour correction, photo retouching, photo montages, how to use digital filters to create artistic manipulations and how to include text with your images. Classes are held via "Zoom" meetings with the same interaction as our in-person classes.

If you have a laptop with Photoshop Full Version installed, you are welcome to bring it to the course as no computers are supplied in the classroom. Handout material will be provided to summarize each class.

Cost: $150.00 plus HST

Week 1 - Introduction to the program interface

An overview of the working space and layout of the program.

Introduction to the program interface

Week 2 - Resolution/Image size

How image size and resolution are related to image quality.

Resolution/Image size

Week 4 - Photo Retouching

How to fix and restore images that have problems.

Photo Retouching

Week 6 - Effects filters

Using digital filters to enhance your images.

Effects filters

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