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To the Staff at The Best Camera Store in Burlington (as proven by your longevity), Photography is my hobby. I learn as much as I can day by day, click by click, and I love the fact that you guys have never made me feel uncomfortable/stupid when I don't know what I'm talking about or I look confused. Your customer service is second to none! "

- Wayne Graves -


In a moment of urgency, my son and I had some photographic prints done at a well-known big box store. One was a re-print of an image recently done by Burlington Camera—I wanted to compare the two prints. You get what you pay for. Compared to the print done by Burlington Camera (which was very close to my calibrated monitor), the big box print was hyper-saturated, over-sharpened, and significantly off on the white balance. All of the big box store prints had a white line on the left and lower edge of the print—someone was asleep at the wheel. From now on, big box store prints are out, time crunch or no. Even my family snapshots deserve better. "

- Aaron Burns -

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