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Slide & Film Processing

We process colour print (C-41) film and all B&W films in our on site labs.
Unfortunately, we no longer process E-6 (slide) on site. We can print from slide and B&W negatives. If you would like to process your own B&W negatives, contact us for developing supplies and tutorials.

Our machine can handle 110, 120, 126, 220, 35mm and APS formats. We currently cannot process 4x5 or larger, although we can print from these formats.

We can process all 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10 Black and White films.

Colour negative film is developed on Tuesdays.
Prints or scans from colour negative films are usually available for pickup
Friday after 4pm depending on volume.

B&W film turn around times are 3-5 business days depending on volume.

Please ensure you drop off your film before 4pm on Tuesday to ensure you are added to that week's run.

Only use this Film Developing Submission form if you plan to
       mail or send       your film to us. (Please fill out this form and submit - we will contact you for payment)

Otherwise please drop in to the store with your film. No form necessary!

Qty of Rolls
4x6 Prints
Scans by Email
Colour 24 Exposure Roll
Colour 36 Exposure Roll
B&W 24 Exposure Roll
B&W 36 Exposure Roll
Qty of Rolls
4inch Prints
Scans by Email
Colour 120
B&W 120
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