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Copyright and Privacy policy

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Copyright and Privacy policy

Personal information or electronic images collected during transactions are solely for the use of Burlington Camera Inc. in the course of our dealings with you as a customer. No information collected is sold or otherwise provided to any other third party with the exception of proof of purchase for warranty purposes during servicing by authorized factory repair service centres.

Any images that are provided to us to be printed or otherwise rendered into product remain the exclusive property of the original copyright holder. We may store customer provided electronic images on our internal workstations or servers for the purposes of providing the service or services contracted for. We do not provide access to these images to anyone other than the customer that initially provided the image. The rights and privileges to reproduce the image in any form remain with the original copyright holder. We do not sell or otherwise provide access for any third party to any images stored on our internal workstations or servers.

We do not guarantee that any images provided, or secondary images created from images provided, will remain available for any determined amount of time. It is the responsibility of the customer to back up and otherwise insure the availability and or integrity of their original images or any images rendered into product provided.

The right to reproduce copyrighted works remain with the copyright holder. Burlington Camera Inc. will not print or otherwise reproduce copyrighted works without the express permission of the copyright holder.

All customer provided materials and/or completed work will be stored for a maximum of 180 days after which time it will be securely and permanently disposed of.

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